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I took out insurance with PetPlan a couple months ago. I had a 13 yr. old Jack Russell Terrier who was ill with a liver problem for the last 4 years of her life and sadly passed away fron pancreatice cancer in July of 2006. Her many vet bills amounted to thousands of dollars. I was lucky- I was working and could afford to pay the bills. However, upon retiring from work and now on a pension, I wondered how I would ever afford that kind of care for my dogs when they got older and needed care for illness. I am the proud owner of 3 Jack Russell terriers - a 1yr old, a 2yr old and a 10 yr old. Periodically I searched for pet insurance after my 13 yr old died but the plans were either too expensive for little coverage, had caps on procedures & treatments and/or additional "parts" that you had to buy for things like cancer coverage. When I got some microchipping paperwork from Avid, there was a brochure for Pet Plan. After figuring out that covering both my 1 and 2 yr old (senior insurance is not available yet for my older JRT but it's supposed to be coming soon) for a period of 10 years, even allowing for increases in premiums, the total for the 2 dogs was less than what I spent on my deceased JRT, I signed up. I really bought the insurance planning for their care in the future as they got older and for when they may need extensive (and expensive) medical treatments in their senior years.
As luck or bad luck would have it, 13 days after I signed up for the insurance, my 1 yr old was running in the yard and slammed head-on into a landscaping rock. Bleeding profusely from her mouth, we raced to the vet. She broke her jaw, broke off the canine tooth at the root and tore it away from the jaw bone and damaged the 3 front incisor teeth. Surgery was done right away to place an acrylic plate in her mouth to reduce the fracture. I called PetPlan the next day because I remembered reading something about a 2wk waiting period. Well, the 2 wk waiting period is for illness. It is only 24 hrs for injury so she was covered. We just had our 3rd surgery and PetPlan has covered it all, even at the dental specialist who performed an extensive surgery that included a canine root canal. Yes, the coverage at the specialist is 70% but I understood that prior to making the decision to have the specialist consultation/surgery. Their representative, Amy, who I have spoken to frequently in the last two months is absolutely wonderful! She has gone above and beyond in assisting me and providing thorough explanations and information. PetPlan really cares about their clients! And their first concern is for your pet! Their claims department is also wonderful. They are prompt, notifying me immediately upon receipt of a claim and the payments have been in a very timely manner.
I am very active in the "Jack Russell world" and you can be sure I have told them about this great insurance.
Thank you PetPlan! Without you, I would have had to pull 4 of her teeth rather than saving them which is so important in such a young dog. I am able to get the best care available for her and to focus on her and her recovery rather than worrying about how to pay for it.

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Posted: 01/05/2009

Scary they only pay 70% on specialist... But I'm sure most companies don't even do that.