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In November, 2008 during the Thankgiving weekend we received the sweetest little Dachshund( we named her BJ( Beatrice and Joenathan for my decreased parents) we adopted from the State of Tenn. We fail in love with her when we saw her on Petfinders. We got an inspiration to get pet insurance for her old age. We had no idea that we would have to use her insurance at this stage in her life. A few months ago she got sick. She was diagnosed with fungus infection( blastomycosis). It was found in her lungs first, then skin and lymph node. At this stage it has attacked her eyes. She has loss vision completely in her left eye. The next stage is removal of the eye. I have said a lot. I thought it was important to hear our story. Without insurance we would have had to make some adjustments to our finances but we are glad we have it because we have have spent almost $9000.00 for her care going to our Vet. and the speciality hospital. She(BJ) has had several hospital stays in a speciality hospital and our local animal clinic. We did not know that this illnesses would be covered but we are very happy with Petplan.

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Posted: 08/20/2009

What are "decreased" parents?