The insurance company that ACTUALLY cares.

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We read the reviews, looked at the services provided and decided to go with Pets Best. We are so glad we did.
Not that any pet parent wants to take their child to the doctor but surprises do happen and when those unfortunate surprises do happen... you should absolutely be prepared with Pets Best.
When our Pomeranian started having seizures last Christmas we were obviously concerned. We took him in and he was ultimately diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. PB paid a large chunk of the diagnosis costs and the subsequent medications needed to control the seizures. When the time came, they covered $100.00 toward cremation. We have 2 other dogs, 1 has a preexisting eye condition (which is not covered), and the other is young and likes to get into things. We have them both covered because you simply never know.
We highly recommend Pets Best.

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