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I am beyond wonderfully pleased with Embrace!We acquired our insurance in Dec 2009. After having paid only TWO months of dues, our 3 year old English Mastiff had a rare occurrence, a twisting of his small intestine, which ultimately sent him into emergency surgery and a week-long, touch-and-go stay in the hospital. I called Embrace to make them aware of the situation and inquire about and verify our coverage in order to make a decision about treatment. They were kind and concerned and assured me of our coverage and limits, enabling us to make an informed choice. These decisions are so difficult to make in an emergent moment, but I felt we had made a great choice in Embrace when I did the research to purchase pet insurance. We ended up with over $12,000 in costs for treatment and Embrace paid every cent of our $10,000 annual limit!! Again, after only two months of payments from us! What a testimony of integrity and reliability in a company! Embrace will have my business for years to come and I would, and do, recommend them to every pet owner I know!!

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