Worst Pet Insurance out there

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I obtained the Petcare Pet insurance for my yorkie puppy when I first got her in August due to all the horror stories I had heard regarding vet bills. I brought Abbey to the vet when I first got her and retuned with a clean bill of health.
In October after purchasing the petcare insurance I brought abbey to the vet for a minor skin issue. And after countless phone call,wasted money and 3 months of annoyance and having one of the supposedly educated Petcare insurance agents scream at me and keep me on hold for well over 20 minutes I have finally cancelled the insurance.

This insurance is horrible, the pet care reps reiterate the same useless information they gather from their records (which are not up to date) and worst of all they waste your time. I encourage nobody to buy this insurance it is horrible and this company is beyond unprofessional.

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