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A year and a half ago I brought home a great lab puppy. My vet recommended pet insurance for her. Best advice ever. Within weeks of enrolling she needed surgery for removing an obstruction. She had complications and spent 2 nights in the animal hospital, (over the weekend, big bucks, talk about scams, they charge more than some hospitals!) VPI reimbursed us 49% of the total vet bill of almost $3,000. Since then I've heard numerous stories about removing obstructions and I believe the greatest difference in the amount we got back lies in what the vets charge as opposed to what VPI pays out. I know people who have had surgeries elsewhere that cost a fraction of what we paid our vet. I believe VPI isn't so much to blame as the higher charges some vets bill. In my case, love our vet and believe we get what we pay for, but I do know I could get her taken care of somewhere else for less and therefore have more of my cost covered by VPI. All our experiecnces have been pleasant and prompt with VPI.

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