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When I got my American Water Spaniel puppy 3 years ago I knew I wanted health insurance for her since I had heard from other dog owners how expensive their bills were for procedures and illnesses. I didn't want to skimp on my dog's care yet I didn't want any surprise expenses that would be difficult to pay. My vet had a brochure from VPI on the counter and though he could not advise me, he did say that this was one of the oldest companies providing pet medical insurance. I got literature from some other companies but they were rather new in this field and I did not want the company to possibly go out of business after I might have a problem and then not get accepted by another company. So, that's why I decided initially to go with VPI. Since then, I have been very happy with their service. I have read some negative comments but, honestly, I have not had one bad experience. And I have submitted many claims. These are so easy. My vet fills out the form and faxes it to VPI. I have nothing to do! I get an e-mail that they have received the Dr's fax. In about 2 to 3 weeks, I get a check directly from VPI for 90% of the charges minus my $50 deductible. They have been so good about paying with no arguments about charges. When I have a question, I call their 800 number and they have been very polite and knowledgeable. And, the best part: I was looking over my premium for this year and realized that I had actually paid less than my reimbursements! One other thing: they guarantee that they will not cancel your policy as a result of claims and your premiums do go up every few years(they are based on the animal's age) but they do not go up because of claims. I couldn't be happier that I have this insurance.

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