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After I lost my last dog to a cancer that could have been detected if I had consented a year earlier to a "full work up" for the cause of her weight loss, I never wanted to be in that position again. When I adopted my new dog, Leo, I researched plans and chose Trupanion because it was both afordable and would protect me against catastrophic expenses. I'm on a fixed income, and I have to budget carefully for Leo. While I believe in preventive care, I would end up paying at least as much in higher premiums for preventive care as I would spend paying directly for preventive care, so I am glad the policy doesn't include it. Just two months after insuring Leo, I took him to the vet for chewing his feet and not letting me touch one foot. He ended up having a potentially cancerous growth on the foot that he wouldn't let me touch. I consented to a $930 surgerical removal and pathology work up because I knew I had coverage--otherwise I would not have been able to afford it. I was surprised that the visit that found the growth wasn't covered, but I reviewed my policy and it does not cover vet exam charges. Because it reason for the visit was "chewing feet," not "chewing sore foot," the alergy pills and candida test were counted as a separate incident, with a separate deductible, from the growth Also, since Leo was anesthetized already, I took my vet up on an offer to clean his teeth. Because the anesthesia had two purposes--one preventive and one a treatment--they covered half t

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chewing front paws
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$500 - $1000

Australian Cattle Dog

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1 - 8

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