So far it has been GREAT!

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I love the coverage that they provide, in particular that they do not go by a schedule (which to me is a big red flag). I have a puppy so I went with the routine coverage option, but if you feel that is not necessary they also offer with out. So far, the insurance has been worth it and I enjoy the peace of mind that my puppies are covered in case of an emergency.Although to clarify a few points, yes it does not cover hereditary/congenital conditions or pre-existing conditions. However, that is the case with many of the pet insurances that I know of (except one which does cover them but at a higher expense). I cant speak on how they handle continuous coverage on chronic conditions b/c I haven't had to at this time. Secondly, the routine care does have a 10% copayment, but no deductable.
My only problem with them is that they missed a claim when I submitted 3. I noticed when I received my reimbursement that something was missing and upon calling to ask customer service were diligent in correcting the error. So far, the claim process has been quick and easy.

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