Buddy Boys the Dog with new legs

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Buddy Boy’s Story Buddy Boy, our Puggle, was my Valentine’s present in 2008. When we went to pick him out he was the only one not already selected as a gift for someone special. The owners who had the litter of 9 said his name was Shy Boy and that people didn’t choose him because he was either to shy or just not Pug looking enough. When my husband bent down to give Shy Boy a closer look the puppy came right over and started licking his face. So with a kiss the deal was sealed.

My husband thought Buddy was the name that best suited him and was also very original; and I added Boy just so he wouldn’t get confused with the other 10 million original Buddy’s. He was a bundle of energy and so cute we loved every minute with him. Buddy Boy went to school at 5 months old and was neutered all vaccinated and ready for the Dog Park by 6 month’s old. Buddy was called the “Mayor” by his little friends at the dog park because he went up to every person greeted them politely and then went to play with their dog. Buddy Boy seemed to get along with every dog there and even found himself a girlfriend in Beans a 2 year old Puggle.

When Buddy was about 6 months old we started to notice his legs were turning outward. He was getting bow legged and was not getting taller so we thought maybe a Bassett hound got in the mix. We laughingly said his breed was now a Bagel. Unfortunately we weren’t laughing long. Buddy had a growth spurt from 6 to 10 months
old and gained 10 pounds. D

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