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I am new to pet insurance and have put one and only one claim in for my kitten. Pets Best informed me that this is a "pre-existing condition", denied the small claim, and provided no explanation. I had never noticed any symptoms nor had her seen for these symptoms prior so I didn't see how it could have been pre-existing. I asked Pets Best for an explanation of the denial and was sent a form email with a copy of the policy's definition of "pre-existing condition". I thought this was pretty ridiculous as I had not asked for an email repeating a definition in my policy but rather an actual explanation of why my claim was denied. I was told by Pets Best to get my pet's medical records and look for myself to figure it out. Clearly, I was not happy. I demanded to know in writing why my claim was denied and was told they would not produce this. I was verbally told that my kitten showed symptoms "as far back as June" but when I requested more specific information and in writing, I was continually denied. I was also verbally told that my claim was denied in part, because my cat was once documented as having sneezed 6 months prior. I'm not kidding. I asked for that in writing and was denied. I requested her supervisor's extension. The representative at first refused to provide her supervisor's name but after extensive arguing from me finally did and allowed me to leave said supervisor a voicemail but refused to provide me the supervisor's extension. To date, no call back from supervisor. They finally relented and emailed me a letter explaining why the claim was denied but it was too vague to be much help. I guess they don't understand the words "specific" and "detailed" and/or they are trying to evade responsibiltiy for their denial. I told the representative I'd be happy to go to arbitration on this matter. She asked me not to threaten to sue her. I explained I was not threatening to sue her but rather indicating that I would utilize the policy's arbitration clause if necessary. She told me I would have to go to Michigan. I told her that was not necessarily true, but that at this point, I was angry enough to go to Michigan. So, the appeal is in the works though I don't have much hope that Pet's Best will reverse its own (scammy) denial.
I heard about Pets Best through part of a pet group I belong to. After my clain was denied, I heard through the grapevine that several others had my same experience with this "pre-existing" excuse with conditions that were not at all pre-existing. Sounds to me like a scam. Sounds like Pets Best does its "best" to figure out ways to deny claims and keeps their fingers crossed that people will not go to arbitration. And I can't help but wonder, if they have nothing to hide, why did I have to fight so hard for a vague letter about why my cliam was denied? I am angry and disgusted and wish I had never purchased this policy. Waste of money.

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