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Last year I decided it would be a good thing I got some pet insurance for my 3 year old dog Sara and Beagle/Lab mix considering she is very active and she is the neighborhood dog. I chose the accidental insurance which would cover accidents that ended up resulting and surgeries and whatnot. I pay 23 dollars a month. It was a good thing I did this, because 3 months later, Sara started limping on her back right leg. I figured she had jumped to hard or something and it would go away eventually, well a month later it was still there and she was not active at all so I took her to the vet and here she had a torn ACL/Cruciate ligament, one of the major ligaments in the body. The doctor said she would eventually need surgery to repair it. I made sure to bring the PurinaCare claim form into the vet with me that day to have him write on it, his recommendation. I mailed it to PurinaCare and they said go ahead with the surgery when you can, and then mail us the receipts and a pricing list of everything that they did. We werent quite sure how this happened, he said could have been from running too hard, jumping in the vehicle and slipping while doing so, stuff like that. The thing was tho...she needed to lose some weight first. Within that month of her not being active because of her torn ligament she had gained over 10 pounds! whoa. So we put her on special food and tried to get her weight down. this took a couple months considering she couldnt do any regular walks with me or anything because it would her leg even more. Finally she lost the weight- I took her to the university for her surgery which would cost about 3500 dollars! When i got there, they took X-rays and found that since she wasnt using the one leg that was hurt, the left leg was getting all the weight and THAT ligament was torn also! so we decided to do a bilateral surgery on both of her legs at the same time, that way we could get them both done for the same price of one instead of doing 1 and paying 3500 and coming back a year later to pay the same for the other leg. I paid that price in full with a loan i got from my local bank. I got all the documentation of everything they did at the university, recipes and item lists. I got home, mailed all of that into PurinaCare and less than two months later, I got a reimbursement of 2,395 dollars! that left me with just 1,200 dollars to pay for Saras surgery which made her just like a brand new puppy again!

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Posted: 10/26/2009

i don't understand- the sample contract (and my pet specific contract) says ACL's are not covered. how did you get this covered?

Posted: 11/08/2009

It's possible that she may have gotten an exclusion