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I got the premium policy in Nov 07.Put in my first claim in February was denied.
Their reason...I didnt wait two weeks until policy was bought.
Now my dog is very ill. She got pneumonia from the dog park. We're looking at potentially having to do surgery due to lung damage. I'm waiting to see if they pay the bills we have so far.
If they don't...its lawyer time. Luckily for me my bf is a nasty lawyer. God, I love that woman. I get lawyer work for a day at the spa with my friend.
I bought this policy because of the reviews here. If they don't pay the reviews here are padded. I will also notify this sites admin.
I'll keep everyone updated.

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Posted: 07/23/2008

Every pet insurance company has a minimum waiting period of 2 weeks for any claims, plus some have additional waiting periods of up to 12 months for specific conditions. Nasty lawyer friend or not, you have no legal standing in this case. You know what they say "ignorance of the law is no excuse".

Posted: 08/13/2008

"I got the premium policy in Nov 07. Put in my first claim in February 08" - looks like more than 2 weeks to me.

Posted: 08/20/2008

You don't get pneumonia at a dog park. If the dog has lung damage, it had pneumonia for a LONG time.

Posted: 09/07/2008

Um, yah , pneumonia is very contagious when fever is present. Obviously you dont know any bit of what you are talking about. Do some research before posting faulty arguments.

Posted: 01/16/2009

Tuffy, what happened? Did they pay?

Posted: 04/01/2009

Just a comment for April. YES, dogs CAN get pneumonia from the dog park. My dog just got a nasty upper resp infection from the dog park and it could have turned into Pneumonia if I hadn't treated him so promptly. He's been on antibiotics for 9 days and still isn't 100% but he's getting better. My vet said he just treated another dog from the same dog park who actually did get pneumonia so it's possible.