best thing i ever did.

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I 1st looked into getting insurance for my cat Q-tip after my dog Anna got really sick, i spent thousands on her to get her well. Anna was 10 yrs at the time and Q-tip was just under 1 yrs old, to get the insurance on Anna didnt make sence as her existing condition would not be covered. Q-tip was not sick at the time, but little did i know what he would come down with. He was diagnosed with FLUTD, which is now under control, and then he got Diabetes at the age of 4, the youngest my vet has ever seen. all of his meds, needles and treatments are covered up to 90%, He then got Mega Colon, all of those meds are also covered up to 90% as well. Hopefully he will not have to endure any more medical issues. i dont have to chose between my mortgage or him, as i know he will be well taken care of because of Vetinsurance. i highly recommend them to any one who has a pet, new or old!! To this day that decision was the best thing i ever did. He is a happy and well taken care of cat, altho he is high maintance due to his conditions, but we are both happy.

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