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I picked up a PetFirst brochure one day and took it to my vet's office for their opinion. They hadn't heard of PetFirst and recommended VPI whom they were accustomed to dealing with. I compared the plans and opted to go with PetFirst.
I recommend PetFirst to everyone I know simply because practically all of the year's premiums can be recouped in a pet's annual visit. In addition, I did have to make an extensive claim only a few months into my policy and it was paid quickly and without hassle. The vet's office told me PetFirst had called to ask some questions and request some additional records but said their staff was nothing less than polite (not accusatory like I was trying to defraud them or something).

I have only had to call PetFirst one time and they answered all my questions with incredible politeness. In addition, they understood that I have "kidz" and not "cats." (lol) I have also found their website easy to use.

These people are great and I would recommend them to everyone. In fact--I DO!

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