Fast and easy claims service 6/2010

Out of 10

Our Standard Poodle, Brandy, has had the VPI Superior Plan since 2003. We did have one trip to the vet, prior to her VPI insurance, which cost us over $600 for a kidney infection. This did become a “pre-existing” condition that was not covered, but I understood that would happen. I recommend you insure your puppy/kitten as soon as possible, before any health problems crop up. We had not made any insurance claims until this year when she had a minor illness and then in May 2010 she experienced Gastric Torsion and needed emergency surgery. She survived the emergency surgery and is back to her old self! The claims process was very easy…I just printed off our claim form from the internet and the vet’s office completed the claim and sent it to VPI. I was very pleased with the processing speed and the amount of the reimbursement. Just like human insurance, I believe you should insure for significant events and be “self insured” for routine visits. I would highly recommend this company to other pet owners. They have very good information on the plans and coverage. There is nothing hidden, you just have to take time to be informed.

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Gastric Torsion
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Standard Poodle

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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