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I took my one-year-old cat to the vet in February of '09 because she had the runs, and I just wanted to be sure that everything was okay.Embrace denied my claim, saying that she had a pre-existing condition.

The only other time my cat had seen the vet was when I brought her home for the first time, and I had her completely checked out by my house calls feline internist. At that time my cat had slightly loose stools, probably caused by the stress of moving, new food, or being in a new environment. It went away, untreated, in about a day.

To say that this trip to the vet 11 months later was a "pre-existing conditon" is pure fraud. I've attempted to cancel this policy because I don't believe that this is an ethical company. In fact, I have not even received the written confirmation of my cancellation that I requested! I would hate to make a serious claim after having had this policy long enough to have paid Ms. Bennett or Embrace insurance many thousands of dollars, only for them to find some way to deny it. Better to find out now and move on.

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Posted: 10/06/2009

It looks like Embrace treats dogs a lot better than it treats cats. All the "dog" comments are so upbeat and positive while all the "cat" comments are very negative.
Could this be a case of Pet Discrimination? I would hope not. I'm looking for coverage for my cat and this will weigh heavily on which company I choose.

Posted: 10/18/2009

Indeed... it does appear that Embrace's cat policies are lacking and that it views ANY other instance of an illness as a pre-existing condition. So be careful that one's animal not cough or sneeze and it be documented causing a denial down the road, lol! ;->