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Until we got Jade, I thought pet insurance was kind of a ridiculous idea. However, after spending as much as we did on training and equipment (crate, toys, etc.), and finding out how expensive some medical procedures could be (after discussing it with our trainer), we decided that insurance was a smart way to protect our investment (both financially and emotionally). We signed up with Embrace, never expecting to have costs that actually topped our $500 deductible. Our trainer recommended Embrace because they cover breed-specific genetic conditions, whereas most pet insurance companies do not. This turned out to be the most valuable part of the insurance for us. About 6 months after we signed up for the insurance, Jade started to squeal whenever she would try to stand up. We brought her in to our local emergency clinic, where they discovered she had dysplasia in her right hip. Further investigation at MSU vet hospital revealed that she also had Salter-Harris fractures on both Femurs. Both conditions have required multiple trips to both our local vet and MSU (at an average of about $500 per trip), and Embrace has covered 80% of our costs for every visit, from the first one to the emergency hospital to the $4,600 Total Hip Replacement surgery she just had at MSU three weeks ago. She has also needed several medications to control the pain from the conditions and the surgery, and those were covered as well. If we didn't have Embrace Pet Insurance, we would never have bee

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Hip Dysplasia
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1 - 8

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