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this year I was notified my pet insurance was increasing. Angered at the cost of healthcare, I cancelled my policies on both my pets. I foolisly thought I would not need it. I never carried health coverage on a pet before and had not needed it, so why pay for something you don't need, right. dog turned 2 in March, a beautiful springer spaniel that we loved more than any dog before. She was of champion breeding stock, from a well known kennel. Parents cleared for any heredity issues, so what could go wrong. She was quiet, not a chewer. Why would I think anything would go wrong. I kept my lost pet insurance, that should take care of my needs...WRONG. She started to limp on her rear leg, no pain, no injury identified by vet. Appeared to be a sprain or sore paw. Put her on pain meds for 4 days, got better immediately. Throwing up food, back to vet. Appeared to be reation to pain meds. Shot for nausea. Great for 2 days, then refused to eat evening meal, very unlike her, won't take bedtime treat, again unlike her. To vet in morning, soon as office open. Xrays negative, lab work good, more tests. insisted we need to check further. Dog not doing any better. emergency surgery revealed hole in stomach. Emergency hospital care following surgery. My beautiful baby died the next morning. The cost quite high with no pet to show for it. I saved 500.00 because of my anger in healthcare costs and payed more than 6 times more in the end. GET PET INSURANCE and keep it. It will keep y

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Posted: 07/19/2010

You my sympathies for the loss of your dog, but how is this a review of PetFirst? Do you know 100% they would have covered this? When you did have the insurance, did you file any claims? Did you like PetFirst?

Posted: 01/05/2011

Roseanne, I am so very sorry to hear about your loss. I am sure your still miss your pup. God bless you.