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VPI is truly awful. I signed up for their plan without doing too much research because it's offered as an additional benefit through my employer, but you only get a 5% group discount. Because my vet had suspected a partial ACL tear in his left leg prior to obtaining insurance, VPI listed a left cruciate injury as a pre-existing condition, which is fair. However, my dog had an actual accident, I saw it, and tendon that connects the left leg to his lower back (iliopsoas). This has absolutely nothing to do with the partial ACL tear, yet VPI refuses to cover it. In addition, they told me that if anything ever happens to him and his left leg is involved, it will be excluded because it could be attributed to his "pre-existing condition". So basically, if my dog gets hit by a car, they will not cover anything that happens to his left leg, because they consider it "pre-existing". If he gets bitten by a snake in his left leg, they will exclude it. They will do anything to rip you off. These people don't care about anything, but getting their check from my payroll deduction. Why do I keep them you ask, well, I feel somewhat trapped being that he is older now, but I plan to start shopping around. I would look at other companies first and put VPI at the bottom of your list because they truly are terrible. In addition, they take forever to get back to you - there were several times where they were supposed to call me or e-mail me back and it never happened. I would end up calling again a

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