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I would recommend dog insurance to anyone with a pet. Just like humans, you don't want to sacrifice the care you offer your pet because of cost. VPI has been wonderful at paying a claim quickly and providing good customer service. I have been very pleased there. As noted by another owner, I would like to see them review their pay schedule as vet costs have risen and I don't feel comfortable taking my animal to a vet that is like a McDonalds. I want the best for them and again like human insurance...if VPI does not increase their reimbursement, people will go elsewhere. My dog recently had ACL surgery and even though I am grateful to have any reimbursement at all...if I would've put him through the recommended TPLO surgery, I would've been paying over $2,000 out of my own pocket. So the only downfall I would note is that the fee schedule should match increased costs due to updated procedures in veterinary medicine. I've been with them for 9 years but am certainly keeping my eyes open just in case I can receive better reimbursement.

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