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We have a very active dog that seems to get into injury trouble among other things. After $1500 of vet bills in one year, we opted for getting insurance. I researched a bunch and Embrace came out way ahead. I liked the fact that you can customize your policy to meet you needs. We opted for the 90% coverage (10% co-pay) and paid yearly so we got a separate discount. What makes this somewhat unique compared to others I’ve researched is the fact that they pay based on the actual bill, not customary charges. If you’ve ever had to battle with dental insurance (for humans), you’ll understand that that type of insurance pays customary charges which seem to be fees based off the 1980’s. No one charges that today and you get stuck paying the overage. Embrace will pay the bill at whatever level you’ve signed up for. I’ve been hesitant to write a review until I actually needed to use their service but have now met my deductible within 6 months and now I am receiving my first “refund” due to vet bills exceeding my deductible. Their service is quick on claim processing, I have not yet received my first reimbursement check but I’m told it was mailed today….One thing to note though is to make sure you review your paperwork properly from the vet before filing. Also, review what is “covered” from Embrace with each charge. I noticed an error on the Embraces part, called it to their attention and they quickly fixed it. Also, at first, I had to “debate” pre-existing conditions by requesting additional vet paper work and clarification in order for Embrace to fully understand the health history of our dog. They were more than willing to hear me out and adjusted accordingly. So far the service has been great and I’m recommending them. I did not rank 10 out of 10 yet for I really don’t know how long it will take for my check to arrive- I don’t want direct deposit.
One more note, it’s important to do the math when considering what type of plan you want. Wellness was not a viable option for us to consider for the overall benefit but may be for you if you spread out your payments. So look at the different options carefully.

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