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My German Shepherd is with Petsecure for over 2 years. He has been on the all inclusive plan since 8 weeks old. Unfortunately, he always had minor health problems (ear infection, digestive issues). I didn't think we made too many claims as some of them are for preventative care which is covered in our policy. Nevertheless, the premium increased twice in 2 years and coverage decreased just after one year. Soon after, he came down with pneumonia and mysterious disease that cost more than $6000, for a period of 5 months. We just submitted the claim for the whole thing. Hopefully, there's no problem with it.
Well, if my dog had been healthy, this plan would have been great as they do pay promptly. But now I see huge premium with less coverage for the remaining years of his life.

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Posted: 12/03/2009

I had a very similar experience... Barely used insurance (yet paid the premiums) for 3.5yrs, then had to use it just recently. In no time, my coverage decreased, until further reassessment... Very disappointed. Thought insurance would buy me peace of mind for as long as I had my dog. I guess, if you're lucky and have a healthy pet, you're good. If you're unlucky, you still have to endure the crazy expenses and agony. It boils down to being a business at the end of the day: managing their risks.