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My dog Bentley is a 9 year old Wheaton Terrier. From day 1 I took out insurance on him because it was recommended from his vet due to the costs of having a dog. For his first few years he was using another pet insurance company which was fine for small incidents here and there. However as Bentley was getting older he had a few medical issues here and there while nothing major his prior insurance company would have estimated values of what to reimburse and they had caps on per incidents...well as we all know as pet owners as dogs get older their medical issues aren't just ear infections or skin irritations anymore, new things present themselves and usually they become much bigger and more expensive to treat. I couldn't keep dealing with his prior insurance company setting limits to what his care could be. At one point they actually said it may be better to put Bentley to sleep then worry about my insurance coverage. Well that was the last day I used that company!
So my next step was to find a new insurance company and I came to PetPlan and heard about all the support they give their clients. I spoke about Bentley's prior situations and how they would handle them and what they would cover. After many questions and all being answered I decided to go with Petplan. It seemed like the wise choice.

Shortly after starting with PetPlan we found a large mass on Bentley. It turns out he needed surgery to have it removed. The biopsy came back with cancer. It was very upsetting to know that at that moment Bentley would be faced with many vet visits and the choice of how he would be cared for. Since his plan with PetPlan just started I was very concerned on what they would cover or for how much, especially after dealing with the other insurance company that put limitations on all of Bentley's care. After speaking with PetPlan and making sure that his treatments would be covered it gave me the great security to know I would be able to provide the best care for him thanks to his insurance.

6 months have passed since Bentley went through radiation treatment to treat his cancer and he is cancer free for today. It's because of his insurance with PetPlan that I was able to provide the best care necessary to make sure he is still a big part of my family. Thanks to them they made caring for my pal Bentley easy knowing that he is covered for all his treatments for his lifetime. It gives me the great feeling that I can give him the best life I can and they were a big part of that.

I would highly recommend PetPlan for anyone's pet insurance.

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