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Trupanion processes claims extremely quickly. I have been very happy with Trupanion and would recommend it to anyone considering pet insurance. I only wish they would consider covering medicine for pica (when pets eat non-food items, like rubber gloves and electrical cords) because the medications which curtail the behavior are relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of surgery. As a result of the pica, my cat has had two endoscopies and one abdominal surgery. Medications for "behavioral problems" aren't covered, but should be for pica when it can cost thousands of dollars for medical procedures and prevent injury to a pet.

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Posted: 05/14/2010

I am researching pet insurance for my two 10-month-old lab mixes. As anybody who has had a lab can tell you, they almost all have pica! (I work with children with autism, so I can't believe I hadn't thought to put that label on their behavior until you did! Bad behavior management consultant!;) Thanks for your comment. My mother's whippet is on Clomicalm, an antianxiety medication for dogs. IT never would have occurred to me that they wouldn't cover behavior modification medications. By the way, do you know if they have Ritalin for dogs? It's a shame that they can't even focus on a squirrel for more than 5 seconds. They watch it for a few seconds, then get distracted by seemingly nothing, then see it again, and it's like it's a whole different squirrel!

Posted: 11/06/2010

i'm sorry but western medicine, including veterinary medicine, is so messed up. it sounds to me like these dogs you two are speaking of have emotional issues and need some good old tlc, holistic care, or maybe just some regular exercise! i'm guessing the cat is an indoor cat? it's probably bored out of it's mind... and the dog on anti-anxiety medication has probably not been trained properly and lovingly and patiently enough. and Ritalin? that stuff is like crack. as a child my mom had me on all those kinds of medications, and they only cause more medical problems, conditions, and ailments. haven't you ever seen an ad for that kind of medicine on tv? "side effects may include...." i can entirely understand why an insurance company wouldn't cover that crap!