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I read the Embrace coverage policy top to bottom and I was really disappointed. The illness coverage covers one thing only: " a congenital and genetic condition." As a owner of a mix breed dog I just am not all that worried about genetic conditions that pure bred dogs are known for. What I AM worried about is illnesses like Kennel Cough or Lyme Disease if my dogs vaccination is unsuccessful for some reason. What about these? Not all that impressed with Embrace. I was going to buy it because of all of the good reviews it got and the discount my work offers, but the illness policy just doesn't cover anything I need it to.

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Posted: 01/09/2009

This is not correct. I have a policy on two of my dogs and Item 15 in Part III General Definitions defiens Illness as: sickness, disease, or any change in a Pet's normal, healthy state that occurs in the Period of Insuranceafter the applicable Waiting Period, which is not caused by injury to the pet. Further, it's a bit ignorant to claim that "a congenital and genetic condition" is an illness, when the very definiton of what you are positing is a condition - not an illness. Luxating patellas, for example, is not an illness, it is a condition. Diabetes is an illness, not a condition, and the website clearly says it covers that if and when you purhase a continuing care rider.

Posted: 03/21/2009

The above review is not correct ... if you are researching insurance companies, make sure to ask questions before you buy. I talked to Embrace, asked the questions, and Don's statements simply aren't correct.

Posted: 04/07/2009

My dog (a mix breed) was diagnosed with bronchitis, which the vet initially thought was kennel cough. It was covered, so I am not sure where you are getting your info. They also covered things like a mysterious insect bite, stomach issues due to too much raw hide, etc. I have had no problem.

Posted: 08/04/2009

I believe that if you get your vaccines done by a vet, they also cover care if the vaccine fails. For example, if my dog got heartworm after buying and dosing Interceptor from the vet, and still got heartworm, all medical costs are covered by Interceptor. This is why you should buy your flea/heartworm/vaccines from your vet versus a discount store whenever possible. No insurance needed if this is your concern.