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I have a 7 mo old yellow lab she got really sick just before thanksgiving. I had her originaly at Mass Vet Referal Hosp, in Woburn Ma, then I had her to my vet 4 times over the next 10 days running test and whatever. All together my bills totaled almost 1500.00 after submitting all the claims I paid I recieved checks totaling 760.00.The Ins. Co says on their Web site "#1 Does the Company pay based on your vet bills? Find out how your pet insurance reimbursements will be determined.Some companies pay a percentage of your veterinary bills,while others pay only a fixed amount based on a benefit schedule. We pay 80% of allowable covered veterinary charges,BECAUSE WE BELIEVE YOU SHOULD BE REIMBUURSED BASED ON YOUR ACTUAL VETERINARY BILLS". Well guess what, thats not how they pay they take the AVERAGE VET bill from the area I was told "we take all the claims such as an office visit and determine what the average cost in the area is". They have an average for everything, well isn't that a schedule, if you have a list of how much you payout isn't that a benefit schedule? I think all the ticked off clients should get together and sue them on the grounds of false advertising.

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Posted: 02/10/2010

A benefit schedule only covers a fixed amnt. Aspca reimbures you on every treatment or procedure that is involved with an incident. Some area's do charge more than others. You have the right to appeal a claim based on that!