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Because I live with nonnon-visible disabilities and I was Raped in 2015, people took advantage of that on both my Cat and myself by continuing to break & enter the apartment that we resided in, in mississauga. Abuse my Cat when I was outside of the apartment volunteering going to class, drumming or in hospital (which happened to be a lot in the second apartment.)
I tried to be my own advocate and tell the local police, wrote letters of complaint to the building, A lot of complaints to where the complaints were redundant(?)
People who broke into the apartment made Espiritu aware of their voices that he knew to more afraid then usual.
In respect to my having Epilepsy he was the best self care that I had. He taught himself about my seizures and so much more when I rescued/adopted him when he was a kitten. These people were using drugs around our apartment that I never had experienced second hand anything at my first apartment or anywhere else...
My Neurologist, family doctor and I already had a long/short discussion about marijuana medicinal for me and we all agreed long over a decade ago that its my body and I didn't feel comfortable with that in that apartment especially around my lil guy.
How could it affect him? Made him sick, stressed out even more then he already was? Make him a mad Cat that I had seen before that no one knew the reason why that hated everyone and would pick fights with the dog or mail man, even a kid walking past the house.
I didn't want to be responsible for my Cat to be that.
But we were harassed, he was told to stop eating by some person outside of the apartment just when we started to est dinner more then once.
The veterinarian that I had refused to advocate for him so we could find another place to reside.
My third veterinarian. My first would have after all that veterinarian advocated that we were to be able to accept a Seizure response dog from the Lions Club Foundation started in 2012.

Now 6 years later we were evicted from our apartment the day the rent came out and was paid and people unknown to us trashed our apartment taking advantage that I was raped, communicating to friends by phone (how screwed up is that?)
Even in hospital last week I showed a nurse how many people were on line with my exact name.
She didn't think that was funny
She was going to check to see if the same thing was happening to her online.
About Espiritu Brewster? Because someone was not minding their own business and showed up at a place where he was that was supposed to be temporary (for the the both of us. I didn't surrender him.) She played identity theft of someone that I had already met and claimed to be from Toronto when we were not the place where my lil guy was mississauga animal control. I never saw that female before that day. I tried to tell those who worked at the amimal control that she was lying about who she was and that they had the contact information of the person who they were talking to.
I visited Espiritu Brewster October 2018. The animal control personnel threatened to contact the police if I showed up again.
Before this nightmare happened I was getting ready, we were getting prepared for the annual veterinarian check up.

Oh yes, there is an odd thing about Espiritu's pet insurance changing without my permission or knowledge to a $10 mississauga pet insurance? Then going back to pet SECURE. I was told that I should stop payments by a male that I had spoken to a lot over the years with no reason from him.
Someone who has my Cat Espiritu knows that he is my 4-paw child and likes me suffering.
My child has 4 paws and I need and want him back!
Apparently they stole the urns of my feline daughter her furry friends, my feline sister from my apartment.
Continued to joke about them smoking joints of their ashes to get a high/buzz.
Even though Espiritu Brewster his/was micro chipped someone stole my ipod that I could have had fixed to have his photos posted up.

I would recommend more security over the phone as cyberbullying happens anywhere.

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