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I have been insured with them for a year. My very first claim was an annual exam. There happened to be information about a diagnosed ear infection on the vet bill that we sent in. Because we had just enrolled, they sent us a letter back saying that the ear infection was not covered because of the waiting period (I knew about this, it just happened to be included on the vet bill.) They then told me that all other subsequent ear infections would not be covered. My dog had an accident and broke his nail a week before we left Canada for a Florida vacation. We had to visit the vet and get antibiotics in the States. Purina covered this with no problems. Unfortunately, since we have been with them, they have sent us 2 letters informing us of reduced coverage and increased premiums. They told us they would be increasing our premiums by 154$ per year AND increasing our deductible by 150$. They told us this would allow them to "maintain affordable premiums." I think I'll just put my premiums in a bank account instead.

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