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Please read my story below...I have filed formal complaints against this company with the BBB, and the Attorney Generals office of both Missouri and OhioI would like to file a formal complaint against PetsHealth Care Plan based in Canton Ohio. Their practices are very deceiving and just plain unethical. I have had a pet insured through their plan since 1998. In the past 10 years I have paid the premium promptly each month and have only made one claim. Back on August 14th I took my dog to the vet because he seemed to be having problems. At first they thought he had some type of intestinal virus and put him on antibiotics and I was to bring him back in a couple of weeks. He seemed to get somewhat better but we returned on August 16th and they thought he might have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. They took blood work and then treated him with additional antibiotics. The blood work came back 3 days later and unfortunately the news was much worse. He was diagnosed with Canine Leukemia. Within two weeks he went completely downhill and we were forced to Euthanize him on August 31st. Understand that I have been insured continually since 1998 on this pet. Now they have refused to pay on a claim from 8/16/08 because they claim that it was a pre-existing condition prior to my policy renewal date of 8/15/08. If this is the case, it should have been covered under the policy prior to 8/15/08. How can they be allowed to deny a claim that was made when my premiums have been paid monthly for the past 10 years. Not only do we have to deal with the grief of losing our pet of 11 years but now we will not get reimbursed for the cost of his care when I have paid over $2400 in premiums over the past 10 years. This is unethical and should not be allowed. I want my premiums refunded to me for the past 10 + years. This type of poor service should not be allowed. At the very least I expect all my claims to be paid

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Posted: 09/30/2008

I Feel Your Pain!!! I too was denied reimbursement for a medical procedure for my dog after 8+ years of continual premium payments under this clause. The veterinary bill set me back $3200.00!! I to, sent the same letters to the BBB and the Ohio Insurance Department as well as the Department of Banking and Finance in my state but all to no avail! These consumer complaint bureaus are absolutely ineffectual and have no "teeth" to them what so ever! Have you considered small claims court??

Posted: 10/11/2008

also denied a claim for a 3 am ER visit for extreme restlessness , anxiety, when he sat down he would jump back up like someone pinched him, obvious pain somewhere.Received Morphine and blood work but never had a diagnosis. Given antibiotics for a preventive as was tested positive on a SNAP a year prior for Tick Borne Disease without any symptoms.
Incident never reaccurred....denied the claim saying it was a pre-existing condition secondary to probable arthritis.
It's funny how a hands on vet couldnt decide on a diagnosis but someone sitting behind a desk hundreds of miles away could.....