Worst Customer Service in the World

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They billed my card for autorenewal, meanwhile I had sent a check not realizing the plan was set up to autorenew. When I got my credit card bill and found out they had billed my card, I thought they had already cashed the check as well. I think I probably tried to call them about it, was on hold a long time and finally gave up on waiting and just filed a dispute on the credit card for the renewal charge. A couple weeks later, I received my uncashed check from them, returned in the mail. So, it was a screw up on both sides. I called my credit card company and cancelled the dispute. They said the charge would go through and I thought the matter was settled.
Then, several months later, I got a notice from PetCare saying I had not paid my insurance and my policy had been cancelled. I called customer service 3 times, spending about 20 minutes on hold each time, and talked to two different people, one of whom was a supervisor. He said I just needed to have the credit card company fax proof of payment to him to settle the matter. So, I did that, and called back after it had been done. However, even though they had received the proof of payment from the credit card company, the customer service representatives at Petcare continued to insist that I had not paid them. So then, I wrote a letter to the head of the company, but I got no response. Finally, I contacted a lawyer. After involving the lawyer, I was contacted by a customer service manager from Petcare with whom I was able to settle the matter amicably.

This year, they allowed my plan to expire without sending me a renewal notice. Apparently they "don't take checks". That's fine - I'm switching to Petplan.

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