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We knew our Boston Terrier, Menu would be an important part of our family. Of course, if he has an emergency we want the best. So when Menu had a bad cough and needed x-rays, we didn't need to give it a second thought. PetPlan US had us submit the forms and they reimbursed us the cost. All we paid was the deductible. It was so easy. We recommend it to everyone.

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Posted: 11/16/2008

I don't understand if you recommend this plan that you would give it a nine out of ten...tell me why?...either that give it a ten...

Posted: 01/25/2009

These comments regarding 9/10 ratings are very odd. I am an insurance defense attorney (searching for insurance for my 7 y.o. Yorkshire Terrier), and I can tell you that even when my clients do their job very well, and follow the letter of the applicable insurance policy and the letter of the law, there are still complaints from many of the insured. This site provides a good number of reviews of PetPlan with an inordinately small number of low ratings or complaints. All of these reviews are suspicious and I expect are company placed. While this form of marketing is underhanded, it does not mean that this company is a poor choice to provide the services I seek. Unfortunately, it leaves me without meaningful comparative reviews, and it does leave me very nervous about dealing with this company.

Posted: 02/27/2009

Why do people think a 9 is a low review? 10 should be reserved for EXTRAORDINARY! 9/10 is a HIGH review rating.

Posted: 03/08/2009

Jim, the site does mention that they have no tolerance for fake reviews. Why be suspicious of a company that obviously (according to their reviews) has such high standards for the health care of pets? I've had my policy more than a year and I've had nothing but great experiences with Petplan. Every time I call I am treated very nicely and my questions are always answered! I think that the reviews here are reflective of the larger picture.

Posted: 03/20/2009

Jim, I am a financial advisor and have researched all the pet plans listed on this site. Pet Plan is the only one that makes any financial sense to me at all, from the perspective of a pet owner. By a huge, huge margin. I think anyone who has researhed pet insurance can see the difference, and is grateful for the alternative.
I have not actually submitted a claim, so how well they actually provide is something I do not know.

Posted: 03/26/2009

I wrote one of those 10/10 reviews. It is definitely "for real" - PetPlan has provided me and my cats with extraordinary coverage and service. (I am a librarian for a state university. I most definitely do not work for PetPlan, and my positive review was not "company placed.")