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Firstly, if you're pondering "should I get pet insurance?" my answer to you is a resounding "YES". After we spent thousands on our Golden Retriever who died of a Melanoma cancer, for this dog (who's now 11) it was a done deal in my mind. IF you can insure as a pup, best rates for you but again, DO it regardless and NO, I don't work for Trupanion. Our dog, Bryce, had bouts of colitis for years, and a new vet I decided to see decided to do an Ultrasound. The tests unfortunately showed 50% liver failure (with colitis as well) and Trupanion paid out 90% of a $700.00+ claim. He's on special kibble, a low-fat diet and hoping by next month, when he's checked again, progress. Again. BUY PET INSURANCE - it's insurance for YOUR wallet and bank account too. BELIEVE me it is.

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