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I've had VPI for some time now and yes I would like to see more reimbursement too for my regular vet visits and non emergency cases. But one day out of the blue, my 14 yr. old cat "Precious" became suddenly ill. I didn't know what was wrong and for 4 days, from dusk till dawn, we had her at the vet's office through the day and the ER through the night. Doctors were doing what they could and at that moment I told them to do everything for her regardless of the cost. It was taking everything we had both checking as well as credit cards to pay for her care. I had to finally say good-bye to my Precious. I was now basically broke and still had to pay for her service. I felt like I was in some sort of whirl wind. I submitted all her reports and filled out all the VPI claim forms. Then approximately two and a half weeks later I received multiple reimbursement checks from VPI. I could not believe what they payed back and enough so that I could pay the funeral parlor for their service. I was upset about my loss and being broke, but VPI was there right when I needed them. I now have another cat named "Abby" and she too is with VPI. I wouldn't have it any other way. If you have questions about your policy, or just someone to talk to who cares about us and our pets, VPI is there.

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American Shorthair

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