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I have never had pet insurance before, but on the advice of friends, I decided to give it a try. I purchased Pets Best insurance (the basic plan) for my six rescue dogs. I submitted my first claim after one of my dogs had a sudden illness that was resolved after treatment over a two week period. After submitting my claim, I called Pets Best to find out whether everything was in order and was told that it was, that Pets Best would be contacting my veterinarian for medical records on my dog. Roughly two weeks later, I received an email that my claim had been processed and that I would receive a letter in 7-10 days with any eligible payment. I went online to find out what the what the disposition of my claim was and found that my claim had been declined. When I called it turns out that Pets Best declined my claim because the scanned credit card receipt was covering the Vet hospital name on the invoice(even though the name was on other pages). When I spoke to the customer service agent, she said that I would have to resubmit the claim. She also said that I would need to send my dog's veterinary record for one year. I said I had been told that they were contacting my vet and I asked why they did not tell me about the receipt and the medical record but merely declined my claim. She said they did not always have to have the vet record and they wanted to cut down on paperwork.
I have resubmitted the claim, now a new claim since the first was denied. So, I am still waiting to find out whether I will keep Pets Best.

My comment: It would have required very little for them to contact me, especially after I asked, and allow me to rescan the invoice without the credit card receipt on it and to inform me that I needed to send the vet record.

So, at this point my assessment is poor. I will wait to make a final decision on continuing with Pets Best based on whether they pay my legitimate claim and whether there is further delay or prevarication regarding it.

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