VPI--A Terrible Company if you Need $ Help w/Bills

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Understand that whilst newer companies pay a % of your bill, VPI pay everything acc. to their ludicrous 'benefit schedule', which has a pre-determined amount for certain diagnoses. These are sometimes not applicable, sometimes ludicrous; if your pet is in hospital for a week, it'll cost YOU $3K. VPI might pay $300 if the diagnosis is 'enteritis' , etc. They will rarely pay more than 10% of a large bill. Also, they'll leave YOU with the cost of chronic illness, since that's one 'condition'. You have to be a lawyer to understand the benefit schedule, but DO NOT BELIEVE the WEBSITE. They _do not_ separately cover any meds, tests, hospitalisation, etc. EVERYTHING they pay you is in Column "A" of their schedule, where the highest rate is about 1K. On average, they pay 10% of a high bill. Other co's pay 80-90% of your TOTAL bill. VPI is a joke. Oh, and the Schedule covers things that are rarely ever performed, like kidney transplants. But they only pay you $350/ year for Chronic Kidney Failure, a condition which costs about $200/month for management. They probably realise most dogs with chronic diseases won't be around for their 'renewal'. VPI--a cruel company that masquerades as compassionate. Get PetPlan, or Aetna instead. I'd switch if I could. I've had them more than 6 years.

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