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I am from Vancouver, BC Canada so I used to have policy with Vet Insurance in Canada with my last dog Pepper, the beagle. Pepper went through so many health problems and had a couple of big operations. When Pepper was 8 years old, I was newly divorced and hard to keep up with his medical bills everytime he needed vet care. Vet Insurance was the only pet isurance company accepted my application for enrollment although the others denied my application because Pepper was too old. He had two big life threatening surgeries, and one was spleen rupture when Pepper was 10. My bills was astonomical. However, thanks to Vet Insurance, it was 90% covered, and I didn't have to worry about going broke. Instead, I was able to focus on taking care of him. I give a huge credit to Vet Insurance for helping Pepper prolong his life and live happy, not to mention give me peace of mind. He passed away last year, but our vet told me it was miracle that he outlived 5 more years of borrowing time after the big surgery.
During late years of Pepper, I was re-married and moved to US. After Pepper's passing, we thought we would never have another pet because of dealing with pet's loss. My husband was surfing Craigslist to look for something else and found ad for beagle puppy for adoption. We called up the original ownder and met the puppy. We fell in love with him instanteneously. That was not our plan to have another pet, but we could not help ourselves. He was born on Halloween and we picked him up on Friday the 13th (of February) so we re-named him Lucky for good luck. He is a loving happy dog. Thanks to wonderful experience with Vet Insurance I knew I have to get insurance for him so I began to research for pet insurance company in US. And I was so extatic to find out that Vet Insurance opened a company for US market called Trupanion. I knew Trupanion will give me great coverage at very competitive rate as well as excellent customer service just like Vet Insruance. And I was right. Trupanion offer very unique coverage that fits to anybody's budget and circumstances. Very simple to file claim and fast to get reinbursement check. And they will personally take good care of you. They follow up each claim and keep you updated by calls and e-mails. The representatives are very sinsere and care about you and your pets. I am very happy with Trupanion. Lucky is just a puppy, and he has many years to go so I am very confident that through Trupanion, we can provide him the best medical care without any finincial stress from big expenses when unexpected illness or accident occurs in the future. With Trupanion, we can keep Lucky happy and waggling his tail for a long time. In my opinion, Vet Insurance / Trupanion is the best in the market. I recommend to all my friends and family. If you have older pets, it is not too late to enroll. Please protect your pet and be stress free from enexpected future medical expenses for your pet with Trupanion.

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