Dr. Hibbard and Pet Plan come to the rescue...

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I owned a Miniature Schnauzer for almost 14 years before I got my Golden Retriever. Unfortunately, I didn't have insurance on her. One summer alone I spent more than $10,000 on eye surgeries! I told my self that the next time I got a dog I would get insurance.
My Golden was throwing up for several days so my vet did an x-ray. Nothing showed up unusual so we tried some medication and bland food for a few days. He kept throwing up so they did an x-ray with barium and it showed he had a blockage. They did emergency exploratory surgery and relieved the blockage between his intestines and colon. We feel it was some stringy material off a toy or a foreign material. He had to go to an emergency vet after his surgery because my vet isn't open 24 hours. I'm happy to say that Pet Plan paid for everything minus my deductable/copay. I received a check back for $2417.53 before my credit card statement posted. Now that is great service!

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exploratory surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
Under a year

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