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My two miniature poodles Louis and Otto are my children, they mean the world to me. When Louis suffered from Lyme disease it took many tests to diagnose his illness. I was beside myself because he was in pain. The bill was steep and going forward I wanted to make sure that both boys were protected in the event of any future accidents or illnesses. After extensive research, I narrowed my choice to two insurance companies. I was concerned about the possibility of pre-existing conditions limiting coverage for the boys. After interviewing both finalists, I chose Healthy Paws for several reasons. The two most compelling reasons were the rigorous medical record review process and Jen Sherwood, the Claims Manager. I was encouraged to find a company that was willing to spend the time up front to make sure that I knew what was covered and not covered. Jen spent several hours with me reviewing Louis and Otto's records. I was really struck by her extensive knowledge along with her respectful, honest and warm manner. When Jen offered to contact the boys’ Vet to get more information on a particular condition noted in Otto's records I knew that my research and instinct had paid off! As a result of Jen’s going the full mile, Healthy Paws was able to provide Otto full accident and illness coverage. It is very comforting to know that the boys’ insurance company is more committed to covering illness than denying them the best possible health care…and I know exactly what I'm getting u

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