Not a penny of our $4600+ vet bill covered

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Our experience with VPI has been poor. In January our young English Bulldog died of an extremely rare congenital condition (so rare that none of the specialists at Texas A&M vet hospital had ever even heard of a case). In order to arrive at a diagnosis we had to spend over $4000 on MRIs, CT scans, and the services of multiple specialist vets. Of course not a dime of our expenses were covered because of the congenital nature of the problem. Even if the diagnosis had been different, VPI's "usual and customary" fees don't come close to what we were charged by a university veterinary hospital (a private hospital would have been much more expensive). To add insult to injury, it has taken me six months to get VPI customer service to refund me the premiums we were charged after our dog's death and we were sent a birthday card for our dog after I'd notified VPI of his death twice. Below is an excerpt of a letter I sent to VPI last month. I have yet to hear a reply: On the evening of 1/20/2010 we returned home from an evening meeting to find our nine month old English Bulldog (Winston) completely paralyzed, without any use of his limbs. After a brief stop at our local vet’s, I proceeded to Texas A&M veterinary hospital, where Winston underwent an emergency evaluation and was admitted to ICU. The criticalist veterinarian met with me and laid out the potential causes of his condition, which included traumatic injury, central nervous system infection, or some type of malignan

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