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I enrolled in VPI in 2002 when I got my 2 Keeshond puppies, who are litter mates. I have the Superior plan with the cancer endorsement. My female (Loba) has a tendency to pick up rocks & swallow them. She's had surgery 3 different times since 2005, plus there were 2 times when she stayed at the vet's & was able to pass the rocks. Two of the surgeries and one of the times letting the rock pass happened within a 12-month period. On each of these times, VPI paid my claims promptly. I fully expected to have Loba dropped from coverage. Not only was she not dropped, but her premium didn't go any higher than Oso's (her brother, who's never had a claim). In July of 2009, Loba was diagnosed with cancer. She went through much testing and 6 treatments of chemotherapy. VPI covered all my claims in a timely manner & paid about 70% of my claims. Without my VPI coverage, I don't know how I would have been able to have her treated. I'm very happy that I signed both my dogs up for coverage when they were puppies.

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