Pet Care - any "care" program is like no care

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I have had my first quick care program since 2003. I have not had many claims. As our pet family grew,I added on three other pets ( two more dogs and one cat). One of my dogs had fractured a tooth several months ago. I called petcare to see what they would do. They told me that " You have no physical proof that this is an accident, therefore do not bother filing a claim". I mentioned this to the attending vet that had to extract his tooth in four pieces He agrred that this was definatley an accident and molars don't get fractured like that that easily. I have been very bothered by this bitter feeling it has left in my stomach ever since. I am in the process of finding another provider for my animals. When something goes wrong, this company makes excuses. Anyone looking for a good, solid and caring pet insurance provider, PetCare is not it; you'd be better off giving your money to charity.

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