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Leonardo "Leo" our Chinchilla Persian who is almost 2 years old was first diagnosed with a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)-very common in male cats. He was put on antibiotics and some anti-inflammatory medication. His condition improved dramatically after several days but then he vomited his medication and stopped eating, drinking, talking (meowing) or moving around. Something was very wrong. We stopped the meds immediately. It was in the wee hours of the evening when we finally concluded we had to take him to a vet hospital emergency room that we had used in the past with previous pets. It was found he was very dehydrated, had a fever and his blood work was out of sorts in many key areas. It was potentially very serious. It was initially unclear what was causing the distress. After three days and nights in the hospital with a battery of tests, iv fluids, scans, drugs, patience, and great care and knowledge from the vets at California Animal Hospital they concluded Leo was suffering from a form of Gastroenteritis. Leo finally feeling better came home and with continued care and rest is back to his normal irascible self. We then fell very financially ill when we paid the vet bill for his stay at the hospital: $3241.80. But our financial pain was fleeting and eradicated in short order. We submitted our claim to PetPlan and after only a few days PetPlan reimbursed us....$3141.80. We were ecstatic. The out-of-pocket cost to us was $100. Amazing! And hassle free. We had ano

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