New UnderWriter PRICE JUMP!

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Purchased this insurance for my chihuahua and cocker spaniel in 2018. For $10,000 max coverage yearly with $500 deductible covered at 80% it was $61.20 for the Spaniel and $62.90 for the chihuahua. So apparently they have a new underwriter. The new price for the same exact coverage is now $111.96 for the Spaniel and $88.34 for the chihuahua!!! $75.30 more a month!!! A 62% increase!!! Oh and good luck getting them to pay a claim. You have to call in everything and fight every claim. If you don't everything is a pre-existing condition! Buyer BEWARE! Figo is a terrible!

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Cocker Spaniel

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Over 8 years

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