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I have had Trupanion for a couple of years now. Living in Alaska everything is pricey especially vet visits and any type of medical care. I recently moved to Texas, where the vet costs dropped by over 25%, yet my insurance costs more than doubled when Dana has needed medical care once when she cut her leg. Trumpanions excuse was the lifetime costs of insuring my dog when she has had no previous issues and sees a vet every 6 months due to her being a service dog. They will try and use the well our deductibles are lifetime; however, that is crap, when if you, for instance, pay 81.00 per month to them compared to 48.00 at another provider with the same coverage and deductible. The only difference is that the deductible that isn't a lifetime. if you have to pay it a couple of times, you still wouldn't make up the money you overspent on Trupanions fees. Basically, you could pay the deductible with another company twice a year and still spend less than what you did for 1 year with Trupanion.

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Posted: 06/17/2020
By: Theresa Rocco

Same has happened with me. I am going to see about reporting them, I do not know if the insurance commissioner in my state will look at pet insurance, but I am going to give it a try.