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We recently adopted a labradoodle puppy (age 5 months) who just grew his big boy teeth and LOVES to use them. One late night we notice he couldn't get comfortable and hadn't seen him potty. While I was outside walking him around in the yard, I noticed a hard plastic Frisbee absolutely shredded into a million sharp pieces. I knew what the problem was and said to my husband let's go to the ER vet right away. We would have gone either way but knowing we had insurance made the decision that much easier. He is doing fine and ended up passing the pieces naturally but needed IV fluids and two sets of X-rays. The $1,100 was a tough pill to swallow ESPECIALLY around the holidays and all in all, we were only responsible for $250. Moreover, I called PetPlan at 10:30 at night to ask them how to get ahead of the game and they instructed me on filing the claim through the app and then having the claim expedited. Claim was processed 3 days after the incident! We LOVE PetPlan!

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Possible Bowel Obstruction
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Over $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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