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I have had up to 6 pets insured and they have been good to me. However, the "up to 80%' payment should be more specifically "50% to 80%".They have a nice letter once your claims go too high which explains why they have to increase your co-payment to as much as 50%. This is false advertizement and even your review was duped into thinking the co-payment was 80% as most people probably think.

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Renal (kidney)

Claim Amount
Over $1000

American Curl

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 06/01/2017

I asked petsecure about this before we even got this and they said it was very rare for it to happen. We just got our letter saying we would be going down from 80% to 50% as of July 2017. I am very unhappy about this. I do feel lied to. She said it 'could' go back to 80% one day.