Scam Insurance Company. Don't use them.

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I don't write reviews but this company is way too irresponsible. And as I was reading other reviews, I am pretty sure this is a scam insurance company. In June 2016, a couple months after submitting the claim form(March 2016) with the receipt and invoice, they said they don't have enough info and to ask the vet for "medical/SOAP?" records. The vet didn't understand what I meant and seemed like he never even heard of it, so he said he will cooperate with the insurance company to fully understand. I called the insurance company to inform them to cooperate with the vet. The insurance company never updated me about the claim. So recently (Dec 2016) I called them to ask about the claim status. They initially stated that they did not receive my claim form. Until I said that I have proof and that I have a copy of it right in front of me, that's when they said they did receive it but did not provide enough information (even though the vet signed on the diagnosis and the invoice and receipt is detailed, itemized and fully paid by me). I don't think they even called the vet. But they said it has been rejected, and that they have a record of calling me in June 2016, saying that they told me it has been rejected. But they NEVER called/informed me, I called THEM(in June 2016)asking about the claim status, they never said it has been rejected. It seems like they stall and wait out the processing time and never update me about the status. When I do call them, they treat me like I'm the stupid one and claiming I did not give them enough information, so they don't have to pay me. Sorry for the long review, I just wanted to be very clear.

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
Over $1000

Shih Tzu

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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