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I have 2 dogs, both strays. One was a stray from Panama (Chooki) which I brought over with me to Miami and the other we adopted from our local shelter (Louie). From day 1, Louie was sick with pneumonia, kennel cough, and high fever. The day after we picked him up from the shelter we were dropping him off at an overnight animal hospital to run tests and get an IV. We spent almost $2,000 that first night! And at the time, we had insurance with Pet Smart "Bansfield". They only covered preventative costs, such as shots, regular visits, and ear cleanings. Since my pets were really healthy, I didn't see the need to switch the insurance, until that night.
While at the hospital, I picked up a brochure for Healthy Paws and the lady at the front desk told me she used that insurance for her 2 pets and it was really good. I switched and actually paid less than what I was paying with Banfield. I paid $25 for each pet a month and downloaded the app on my phone. The insurance had a $200 deductible and covered 80% of medical bills. What I liked about it was that it was completely opposite from Bansfield, in that it didn't cover preventative medical care, but everything else. Which was fine, cause most places have plans where you can pay a 1 time fee of $60 and it covers their shots for life. Plus I don't take them to the vet unless something is wrong, they get their ears cleaned at the groomers.

I was worried that if Louie got sick again, we would be out of pocket another couple of thousand dollars. Both dogs are very healthy, but Louie is that kind of dog that is prone to swallowing anything and everything around the house! I once pulled an entire bandanna (from the groomers) out of his butt, he had swallowed it whole!

So just 2 weeks ago, he decided to swallow a sock he found in the house somewhere. My husband and I didn't know what was wrong with him, but he was constantly throwing up, had no appetite, and a high fever for 2 days. We took him to the animal hospital, they did an xray, and sure enough found out that he had swallowed a sock and it was stuck in his intestines, not allowing anything to pass through and damaging his organs. They had to go into surgery to remove the sock immediately to avoid causing further damage to his intestines. We were nervous about the surgery and about how much this would cost us, since we had never had to use our insurance before.

When the final bill came: diagnosis, surgery, anesthesia, medication, everything totaled to

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intestinal damage
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Labrador Mix

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