Very disappointed with claim process

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I have had Trupanion for many years and have never made a Claim. Recently, we needed to take our Pet the a Vet ER. She was in Respiratory Distress and this is life threatening. I filed a claim only to have it denied stating this was a Pre-existing conditioning. The ER Vet also thought our Pet had a Heart Murmur which was news to us. We brought our Pet to our Vet who confirmed she did not nor has she ever had a Heart Murmur. Despite submitting all the necessary medical records to dispute this, I am now informed my Vet must submit and appeal. I am not certain who they use to review the claims but it is apparent they do not know medical terminology. or the hope is the Vet will not have time to dispute. This was the first claim I submitted and our Pet is 12 years old. Very disappointed that they are making this so difficult and I do not understand why I have been paying monthly premiums only to be denied coverage. I would not recommend Trupanion

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